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As one of the longest-standing Austin tree experts, and the founder of Just Trees, Markus has been caring for this region’s trees for more than twenty years. Originally from Boppard, Germany, Markus made his way through Boston and New Mexico before settling in Austin. You are most likely to run into Markus if you need tree work that requires his knowledge of technical rigging and heavy equipment. Prior to pursuing arboriculture and becoming a certified arborist, he studied both engineering and medicine. However, his love of the outdoors and green spaces prompted him to give up medicine and become a tree doctor instead. He now holds certifications as an ISA Certified Arborist and a Municipal Specialist, as well as the Texas Forest Service’s Oak Wilt certification. In his spare time, he enjoys motorcycling, kayaking, giving his daughter rides on the tractor, studying parts catalogues, arguing about politics, tending to the “ranch”, and pyrotechnics. He continues to hold out hope that his wife will one day let him buy an airplane.


Chris Poth recently joined Just Trees as a Certified Arborist and Oak Wilt Specialist after spending 13 years with Tree Clinic. He has worked in all facets of the tree industry since 1985 starting as a climber, progressing to plant health care technician, diagnostician and consultant. Chris is a fifth generation Texan. He was born in Houston and moved to the Austin area in 1974. He is married and has a teenage son. In his spare time, he enjoys salt and freshwater fishing and gardening.



Neil’s active interest in the outdoors has led him to a career in arboriculture. He has been with the company for almost 5 years. He is in charge of most of the (PHC) Plant Health Care side of the company. Whether it’s fertilization for construction mitigation, canopy sprays for web worms, or air spade work for foundation piers, Neil does it all. His family has been here in Austin since the 20’s and Neil was Born and raised on a ranch in Manor north east of Austin. Neil is a fourth generation Austinite and still lives on the same land that his grandpa bought in the 70’s. Recent college undergraduate who received a degree in Plant and Soil Science from Texas A&M University. He loves his three fur babies and met his wife during a puppy training class. In his spare time he and his wife compete in professional disc golf and are going on the road to compete on the weekends and bring home a trophy.


We’ve been thinking about starting an organization for kids, called “Future Austin Tree Experts”, or “FATE”. What do you think? We could teach them tree identification techniques, basic tree rigging, all the skills necessary for those budding arborists. Kristina hasn’t gotten to the rigging part yet, but she knows an oak from, well….okay, they’re all oaks to her. But we’re also teaching her to answer the phone, and we’ll let her take messages as soon as she’s learned how to spell.


Customer Reviews

4.7 online rating with 100+ reviews

  • Most knowledgeable tree guy in Austin!

    thumb Rebecca Hamilton
  • I met Markus when his team doing tree trim service for the house opposite to my house across the road. I asked him to look at trees around my house... read more

    thumb Henry Young
  • I've been calling on Just Trees since 2008. Such a great group of guys! Always professional and thorough. They just did a smashing job cleaning up our palms!

    thumb Michelle Gonzales
  • Just Trees is my choice for great tree work! Their certified arborists know what they are doing, are efficient, and clean up when they finish the job. Plus their... read more

    thumb Judy Sargent
  • Just Trees removed a hackberry tree that was causing the oaks around it to grow outward and down rather than upward towards the sky. They trimmed all the trees in... read more

    thumb Robert Anderson
  • When you are trimming trees, you need an Arborist. These guys know what they are doing.

    thumb Michael White
  • Called Just Trees to remove large Pecan in a very precarious location. Tree was taken down safely with no casualties to surrounding structures. Thanks to Just Trees! Denny

    thumb Dennis Schey
  • Did a great job and even identified other plants on our property. Cleaned up nicely and crew was very accommodating to both my family and the neighbors as well. Would... read more

    thumb Andrew Salazar
  • We have always trusted Just Trees to give us the best advice on the large heritage pecan trees on our property. They are careful pruners and don't promote unnecessary... read more

    thumb Jill Nokes
  • Used Just Trees several times. Great work and clean up, reliable and stand behind their work.

    thumb Jo Lynn Smith

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