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Trees can be a great addition to increase the curb appeal for local Austin businesses. Whether you already have older established trees on your commercial property, or would like to add new ones, we can help. Outside of curb appeal, businesses need to mitigate the risks that come with trees. This entails trimming, pruning, insect and disease control, and when necessary safe tree removal. Contact Us for your next commercial tree service in the Austin area. We’ve been serving Austin businesses in all things tree care related for over three decades.



Insect & Disease

Risk Assessment



Commercial Tree Removal

Diseased and dying trees can quickly become liabilities for Austin businesses. At the same time you don’t want to shut down business to remove a tree. Our in-house custom-built crane can remove large trees in a fraction of the time most tree companies can, so you can avoid downtime and keep your commercial property safe for customers.
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High Risk Tree Removals
Tree Trimming and Pruning

Commercial Trimming & Pruning

Trees can add curb appeal and personality to your business exterior. However, they must be properly maintained to stay healthy and sturdy. Regularly trimming and pruning trees on your commercial property ensures your trees always look their best, can better fight off disease and pests, and maintain their structural integrity.
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Commercial Tree Insect Treatment

Austin business owners are busy enough without having to learn about the ins and outs of tree pest control. However, ignoring the problem can lead to a weakened tree and opens the door to disease. We can help mitigate and eliminate tree insects like beetles, caterpillars, wood borers and more so your trees stay in optimal health year round.
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Tree Insect Treatment
Tree Disease Treatment

Commercial Tree Disease Treatment

Our tree disease control services for Austin commercial businesses is the best way to ensure your trees stay healthy and thrive. We treat oak wilt, root rot, fire blight, funguses, leaf spot, and any other disease that affects trees in Austin. We can do a semi annual check up to make sure your trees are healthy going into the summer and winter seasons.
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Commercial Tree Risk Assessment

A dead or dying tree can be a huge liability for a business owner. They not only can cause major property damage, but serious injury. Our certified arborist can objectively classify the risk of a tree using a system developed by ISA International and the insurance industry. Protect your Austin commercial property and customers by scheduling a tree risk assessment today.
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Tree Risk Assessment
Commercial Construction and Trees

Commercial Construction & Trees

If you’re looking to preserve the trees on your commercial property during a construction project you’ll want to get an arborist involved in the early planning stages. Your Austin arborist can advise and set up prevention measures to eliminate the most common ways trees get injured during a construction project.
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Commercial Tree Planting

Adding trees to your commercial property can be a great way to enhance your exterior landscape and make it more welcoming. We help Austin businesses choose the right trees for their property, make sure it’s planted properly, and give owners tips on how to best maintain it.
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Tree Planting

Customer Reviews

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  • Chris was very knowledgeable and helpful!

    thumb Drew M
  • Knowledgeable, reasonably priced, excellent work: I had them trim HUGE Live Oak trees; they look great. I refer all my friends and neighbors to Just Trees. Ask for Chris.

    thumb Connie Seibert
  • Lowest bid, and the trees done as promised.

    thumb r hous
  • Only tree trimming and tree removal company I use. Why? Real arborists. This means they will not butcher a tree you keeping. I have a number of rental properties and... read more

    thumb Master Gohring
  • We have several large oaks and Just Trees has done a beautiful job (twice, over the years) of trimming them so they stay healthy and show their good looks. Just... read more

    thumb Jennifer Westerfeld
  • Marcus is a very knowledgeable arborist and great person to work with. He helped us with a heritage tree dealings with the city of Austin. His help was very significant... read more

    thumb Luis Bonet
  • Just Trees has done a great job with our trees on several occasions. They always have good advice.

    thumb John Nettle
  • I called to get a bid to trim and clean up some trees around our house. Markus from JustTrees was quick to respond and gave me the best price for... read more

    thumb Sofia Larios
  • Just trees performers above and beyond other tree services. Their knowledge and customer service is exemplary. They are not only a tree service. They are a people service. They are... read more

    thumb Bill Bostick
  • We had significant wind damage to several trees close to our house including one that broke and fell on our deck. Just trees removed all the limbs and trimmed... read more

    thumb Howard Kay

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