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When you’re looking for a residential tree service company in Austin, TX, you have a lot of options. Whether you need a tree removal service, tree pruning service, or help with insects and disease, you want to make sure you’re hiring an experienced tree service company that knows the area and has a strong reputation. We’ve been serving Austin residents for over three decades and have dozens of five-star reviews from satisfied customers. See how our ISA certified arborists can help you today. Contact Us for your next residential tree service in the Austin area.



Insect & Disease

Risk Assessment



Residential Tree Removal

Whether you have diseased and dying trees that need to be removed for safety reasons or need to make room for new construction we can help. Our in-house custom-built crane makes short work of large trees and our tree stump grinder leaves no trace of old trees. We can also remove trees that have fallen on their own.
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Residential Tree Removals
Residential Tree Trimming and Pruning

Residential Trimming & Pruning

The trees in your yard require regular maintenance for safety and tree health. However, trimming and pruning involve more than just cutting dead limbs. Every cut should be justified, cut the correct way, and believe it or not, there’s a difference between pruning and trimming that can affect the long-term health and growth pattern of your trees.
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Residential Tree Insect Treatment

There are a wide variety of insects and pests that can cause damage to your trees in Austin. Insect infestations weaken trees and leave them vulnerable to disease. Common insects and pests include beetles, butterflies, cankerworms, fall webworms, caterpillars, and wood borers. We can help mitigate or eliminate these tree pests.
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Tree Insect Treatment
Residential Tree Disease

Residential Tree Disease Treatment

Austin trees are vulnerable to several different types of diseases. Oak Wilt is the most common tree disease we treat in the Austin area, but we also see cotton root rot, common root rot, fire blight, hypoxylon canker fungus, and leaf spot. If you think you have a diseased tree let us know and we’ll drop by and assess the tree’s health.
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Residential Tree Risk Assessment

Trees are a beautiful addition to your property, but at times can pose major risks. Just Trees can objectively classify the risk of your tree using a system developed by ISA International and the Insurance Industry. This means our arborists use a system to assess tree risk rather than just looking up and making a guess.
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Tree Risk Assessment
Residential Trees and Construction

Residential Construction & Trees

When constructing a new home in Austin, the goal should always be to preserve as many mature trees on the lot as possible. You may also want to add on a new section to your home and need to be cautious of nearby trees. Just Trees can help ensure that you are keeping your existing trees safe before you begin your residential construction.
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Residential Tree Planting

Adding a tree to your property brings curb appeal and sometimes yearly fruit harvests. Buying a tree can be a big investment, so you want to make sure you choose a healthy one that’s going to thrive and make sure you put it in the right location on your property. We can help you select the right tree, plant it, and tell you everything you need to know about taking care of it.
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Tree Planting