Insect & Disease Treatment

Tree Insect & Disease Treatment since 1988

Trees are tall, wide, and extremely strong, yet they can get sick just like us. For the most part if you take care of your trees they will be resilient to pest pressure and diseases. However, healthy trees can still get attacked by insects and become vulnerable to various diseases in the area. The good news is when your tree is sick there are a lot of ways we can treat it and give it the best chance for a full recovery. Just Trees has helped countless Austin residents and businesses save their trees and set up a plan to keep them healthy for the long run.

Tree Insect Treatment in Austin, TX

The best case scenario for treating a tree under insect pressure is to catch it at the earliest stage possible. If you notice a heavy amount of insects on your tree, call your arborist to help identify if it’s a problem that needs to be treated. It all starts with a walkthrough of your property to get an assessment. Depending on the kind of pests we find and the density there are a number of different treatment options we can choose from, with insect spraying being the most common and effective.

Tree Insect Treatment

Common Types of Tree Insects in Austin


Include lace bugs and spider mites that feed on sycamore, hackberry, oak, cypress, walnut and other trees.


Include aphids and scales that feed on hackberry, pecan, elam, and many other trees in Austin.


Include bagworms, tent caterpillars, fall webworms, and juniper budworms, that feed on junipers, cypress, oak, and other trees.

Gall Makers

Gall makers can be identified by their abnormal bumps or balls they leave on leaves or twigs. Hackberry and oak apple are common.


Include cottonwood, redheaded ash, gum rubella, and emerald ash, that feed on dying and diseased trees that are vulnerable.

Tree Disease Treatment in Austin, TX

Oak Wilt is one of the most common tree diseases we treat in the Austin area. It’s a systemic fungal disease that causes the water conducting vessels of oaks to become clogged. The best thing you can do to prevent Oak Wilt is properly maintain your trees with pruning, paint wounds, and keep your tree tools clean. Other tree diseases are normally caused by types of fungus and/or bacteria. We can inspect your trees to determine if a certain type of disease is present and recommend a treatment.

Tree Disease Treatment

Common Types of Tree Diseases in Austin

Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt has killed thousands of trees in central Texas. There is no cure, but the spread can be mitigated with treatment.

Hypoxylon Canker

Hypoxylon Canker is a fungus that attacks stressed trees. Symptoms include peeling bark and black spores.

Cotton Root Rot

Root rot is often caused by overwatering. It’s another fungal disease that occurs in high summer temperature areas.

Leaf Scorch

Leaf scorch is caused by a bacteria spread by insects. It can be identified by the bright yellow band it creates on the outer part of leaves.

Fire Blight

Fire blight is caused by bacteria that are spread from tree to tree by birds and insects during the Spring blooming season.